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A distinctive element of the A.C.E. educational program

is the Student Convention program. Each year, thousands

of young people from around the world come together

for regional, national, and the A.C.E. International

Convention. At each location they meet other Christian

young people and broaden their horizons. They are

challenged through the preaching of God's Word to

seriously consider the plan that God has for their lives

and to surrender to His service.

As a parent, you want your child to get a well-rounded

education. Preparation for Student Convention will help

him or her discover and cultivate God-given gifts as well

as be challenged to try new things. A broad range of

competition areas are available: academics, music, drama,

art, photography, sewing, and athletics. Students may

enter individual and group events. The uniqueness of each

child is emphasized as natural talents rise to the surface.

Stir up the gift of God, which is in thee ....

II Timothy 1 :6

You can get involved in the preparation process also.

Encourage your child to begin early and stay in contact

with his supervisor for dates and guidelines. Help him

choose competition areas that both interest him and tap

his natural ability. Encourage him to try something new,

which is a good way to discover new areas of interest

and ability.

Once your child has chosen events and discussed

them with his supervisor, help him plan so that he can

accomplish his goals. Agree upon deadlines for written

work. Take a photography outing together. Consider

sewing or art classes to help your child learn new skills.

Whatever your child has chosen to do, be his biggest fan!

He will need lots of encouragement to do his very best.

Read through the Student Convention Guidelines with

your child. The school staff may give you printed copies

of the events in which your child will be competing. To do

well in the competition, it is imperative that he or she pay

close attention to the guidelines and rules for each event.

If you have questions, discuss them with school staff. They

want to give encouragement and direction on how best to

prepare for entering categories selected.

Working together on convention projects can be a

warm bonding time for your family. It will foster open

communication as your child realizes he and his interests

are important to you. Children grow up so quickly! As we

invest in their lives while they are young, we are planting

seeds that can blossom into ministry opportunities later

in their lives. Student Convention may be the catapult

that will launch your children into a life of service to

the Lord.

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